Despite being an unnecessary surgery, Rhinoplasty has come in to vogue in recent years. The reason behind this trend is attributed to the determining role of the nose as the most prominent part affecting the face beauty and also creating balance among other face components. On the other hand, Iranians’ rather protruding noses and recent improvement in nasal surgical techniques, and consequently the surgeries outcomes have given rise to this increasing interest. Nose is located in the center of face so even minor changes regarding shape, size, and model of the nose leads to a significant impact on the facial beauty. In addition, rhinoplasty could also improve breathing problems caused by structural abnormalities of the nose. Therefore, an accurate nose surgery can improve the appearance and consequently improves the patient’s confidence, happiness and even health. A favorable nose is to function naturally and in the event of existence of any malfunctions in nose and sinuses, they ought to be resolved during nose surgery. Nasal constitutional components must not be frail or vulnerable; accordingly, during nose surgery, nasal components are advised to be strengthened in a way that they will not deteriorate over time. Natural form of a nose ensures its beauty, as long as being in balance with other face components. It is worth mentioning that some people’s desiring a slimy upward tip nose (fantasy nose) in case of possibility and being in balance with the other components is acceptable. And also results into a beautiful face. The final word, a beautiful nose makes a pretty face breathtaking . Because a favorable rhinoplasty in addition to makes a beautiful nose makes the beauty of eyes, eyebrows, lips and cheeks more eye-catching.